Life at Albany House

At Albany House we place the rights of clients at the forefront of our philisophy of care. We aim to provide clients with the independence they want whilst still providing a high level of care. We also strive to ensure that the home is as equipped as possible. Below are some of the facilities that we offer.


Living Area

The Living Room is where our residents can relax and socialise. It has a wonderful atmosphere, and it is a perfect place for our clients to meet up with their families and friends.


The Garden

We have a large garden to the rear of the home which the clients really enjoy using, especially in the summer months. This is where we hold events like barbeques and themed parties, you can see photos from these in the 'Gallery' section of the site. Like the rest of the home, the garden is well decorated with a variety of flowers and plants. We also have 4 chickens which we hatched from eggs. Our garden is also equipped with an exterior covered smoking area, a wooden gazebo, a herb garden and plenty of comfy seating.


Dining Area

Our Dining Area allows our residents to enjoy their meals in a nice social environment. We provide a variety of meals, and aim to let the clients eat and drink where, when and with whom they wish to. This is all a part of our aim to give our clients as much flexibility as possible.



We offer well-decorated and comfortable rooms for all of our clients. The rooms are well facilitated, all come with wash hand basins and we can arrange to get a TV put in if required. All of the furniture is in line with the current CQC regulations, and of course clients are welcome to bring their own furniture.


The Study

The study is where you can watch TV or a film and read. Not only that but you can also surf the web there and Skype family and friends. Our Skype name is albany_house.


Other Facilities

In addition to the facilities above we also offer; a large kitchen, a laundry room, a garage for client bicycles, the retreat, a smoking shelter for those who wish to smoke and 3 bathrooms, 2 of which have a shower facility. The retreat is a quiet room with soothing sounds and reclining chairs which our clients use to relax on a regular basis.